Services included in a typical well visit:

Preventive care is the pillar of pediatric health care. When your child comes in for a preventive or ‘well’ visit, we cover many important topics:

  • Age-specific health concerns

  • Growth and development assessments 

  • Routine and recommended screening tests (such as blood pressure, hearing, vision, depression screening, autism screening, maternal postpartum depression screening)

  • Laboratory tests (hemoglobin, lead, cholesterol)

  • ​Vaccine counseling and administration 

  • Anticipatory guidance specific to your child’s age and needs

We can perform well visits either in-person or via telemedicine.

“Tele-Wells” are provided remotely through our telemedicine platform.  Tele-Wells are also recommended by the AAP in the era of COVID-19 and include all of the above, with the exception of services that need to be performed in-person (like screening and vaccinations).  These can be done in an office follow up visit.

You can review the recommended components of well care by age by following the age-specific links below:​ 

Services not included in a typical well visit:

The following are considered separate services from the ‘well’ visit for which you are scheduled:

  • Evaluation and management of a significant new or existing health problem (Examples include chronic abdominal pain, severe headaches, profound fatigue, poorly controlled asthma, a newly suspected food allergy, significant weight loss, an eating disorder, mental health problems)

  • Discussions about ongoing complex health problems (Examples include seizure disorder, significant developmental delays, diabetes)

  • Review of significant concerns related to a specific prior illness

  • Coordination of care with specialists and ancillary health providers

  • Addressing health concerns of siblings

If your child has a significant health issue raised during a well visit:

We will make every effort to accommodate and address non-preventative health concerns that arise during the well visit. But, if the non-preventative concerns raised require more time than the time scheduled allows, we may need to schedule a follow up telemedicine visit. This is particularly important during this COVID-19 pandemic, as our office must run on time as much as possible so that we can continue to keep our waiting rooms clear.​

If we are able to accommodate both preventative and non-preventative health concerns during the same visit, we will need to bill for both components of the visit accordingly, which may require a copay for the non-preventive component of the visit. Your insurance will process the visit codes according to your plan guidelines, applying copay, coinsurance, and/or deductibles as applicable. Health insurance contracts dictate our patient’s financial responsibility, and as contracted providers, we must comply with what the insurance company determines is your ‘cost share’ and bill you for any balances.

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