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The Latest Update on COVID19 Vaccination for Children

Good morning!

As many of you know, the FDA has just authorized the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children between the ages of 12 and 15 in the US. As the Washington Post just reported (5/10), this authorization was based on “a trial of nearly 2,300 adolescents between 12 and 15 years old, half of whom received the same two-shot regimen shown effective and safe in adults.”

Sound Beach Pediatrics is thrilled with the expanded offering of the vaccine to younger children. Dr. Henry and I encourage parents to vaccinate children 12 years and above.

We respect that some parents may be uneasy and opt to decline or defer vaccination. But, we strongly believe the benefits of vaccination outweigh any potential risks. The challenges for children during this pandemic, particularly for their mental health, have been tremendous. We are eager to see the pandemic further controlled and our patients’ lives return to normalcy.

In this very early stage, Sound Beach Pediatrics is not a vaccination site. The CT Department of Public Health has provided the following guidance this week:

  • To make an appointment: Log into the CT Vaccine Portal, which allows patients (and parents) to search for a vaccine provider nearest to you. Once results are returned, the locations display what types of vaccines are available at the locations listed, including Pfizer vaccines.
  • Other sites coming soon: Towns and school districts are planning some school-sponsored vaccination clinics. Parents can expect communications from participating school districts, or can reach out to theirs to inquire about available school sponsored clinics.
  • Administration of other vaccinations: The ACIP COVID-19 vaccine clinical considerations currently recommend spacing of 14 days prior to and following any other vaccines. But, please do not delay routine vaccinations for your children.
  • Setting expectations: According to the CT DPH this week, “No additional age expansion for children younger than age 12 years of age is expected prior to the fall of 2021.” Studies in younger children and infants are ongoing.

We will continue to keep you informed of important changes, and we eagerly await the authorization of the use of the COVID19 vaccine in our younger patients. On a personal note, my 17 year-old daughter (photo above) has already received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and my younger children will be soon to follow.

Wishing you good health and Happy Spring!

Dr. Katy and The Sound Beach Pediatrics Team