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New COVID19 Guidelines & More Questions…

Happy New Year to Our SBP Families!

With the new year has come new and revised guidelines and recommendations related to COVID19 from the CDC. With these changes, many families have felt frustrated and confused. Parents are not alone! Many health care providers across institutions are uneasy about the changes and how to proceed. Pandemic fatigue is widespread. That being said, Sound Beach Pediatrics is working hard to help our families navigate through the Omicron wave and beyond. And fortunately, Omicron infection is proving to be mild for most children and adults.

Here are a few important tips & updates:

Please see our updated COVID19 resource page. It contains valuable links to the CDC’s latest and most relevant guidance in an organized fashion.

If your child has been exposed, tested + for COVID19, or you suspect COVID19 infection, please reach out to our office for an appointment so that we can provide further guidance.

Our pediatric COVID19 follow-up protocol has changed, based on the latest guidelines from the AAP, Yale and CHONY/Columbia.

  • We recommend that all patients who have COVID19 infection schedule a telemedicine visit with us 7 days after their positive test.
  • If our physicians have any concerns, or you would like your child to be seen in our office, we will arrange an in office-visit for your child at the appropriate time.
  • Our physicians will provide you with any necessary clearance letters for daycare or school after the visit. (Our letters can be posted to the patient portal for your convenience).
  • Please reach out to our team at any time if your child develops any worrisome symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness or syncope/loss of consciousness.

Please complete our Phreesia digital check in prior to all office visits. This includes our 2022 Policies, Forms and Consents which are important for you to review, as well as our COVID19 screening questionnaire.

We will be sending out a Phreesia correspondence soon to all families, allowing them to complete our annual forms at any time prior to your next visit. This is a new Phreesia feature that we are excited to implement. We encourage you to complete these forms and consents as soon as you receive them, as it will save you time later!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We see the resilience in our patients and families and encourage you to keep pushing forward!


Dr. Katy and The Sound Beach Pediatrics Team