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Updated Office Workflow

As of August 3, 2021

We are currently seeing an unprecedented number of sick patients this summer, with non-COVID19 viral illnesses more typically seen in winter and early spring. In addition, we are now seeing COVID19 infection creep back into our community. This is disappointing but not surprising given the uptick in COVID19 infections across the United States and the world. In response to this, Sound Beach Pediatrics has updated our workflow. We remain steadfast in our goal to provide outstanding health care to our families, while simultaneously protecting our patients and our staff from COVID-19 disease transmission.

Office hours remain the same:

  • Monday-Friday: 7:45 am-5:00 pm (closed for lunch 12:30-1:30)
  • Saturdays: 9:00 am-12:00 pm
  • Sundays: closed

Appointments can be scheduled during regular business hours.

All visits:

  • One parent or caretaker per child per visit. We currently allow an exception for newborns through 7 weeks, for both parents to attend.
  • No siblings allowed unless he or she is also being seen for an appointment (ie. double check up, double sick visit). Exceptions made only in urgent circumstances with provider approval.
  • Masks required for all children 2 years and up and all parents and caretakers.
  • Please complete Phreesia Digital Check In prior to your appointment. This includes the COVID19 screening questionnaire.

Well care:

  • Your child must be well and without recent COVID19 exposures. Please provide honest answers to our COVID19 screening questionnaire to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • All children must be healthy to come to a “face to face” well visit – no fever, no cough, no vomiting/diarrhea. If your child has any symptoms of illness, or COVID19 exposures, please let our front staff know so we can reschedule your well visit.
  • In certain instances, children with mild symptoms of illness (mild nasal congestion) who need a well visit urgently may be seen on the South Side in full PPE, at the discretion of the pediatrician.
  • We encourage children who require vaccinations to come into the office to receive immunizations.

Sick patients:

  • Please call upon your arrival to the parking lot.
  • You will be brought back to an exam room when our staff is ready for you. No sick patients sitting in our waiting room.
  • Sick patients will be seen on the South Side. These visits will take place in designated “sick rooms” by providers in full PPE, separately from our well patients.
  • No walk-in visits at this time.
  • Laboratory testing and referrals to the ER will be made as appropriate.
  • For a true emergency, call 911 and go directly to the Emergency Room.

SBP Drive-Up Testing (by appointment):

  • We continue to offer testing for rapid flu, rapid strep, and COVID19 PCR (sent to Greenwich Hospital) through a designated, drive-up parking space in our parking lot.
  • The parking space is located near the back entrance – the space on the far-right corner, near the lawn area.
  • Appointments for testing will be available Monday-Friday.
  • Swabbing will be performed with the child seated comfortably but firmly restrained in the car by parent or care provider to ensure safety – passenger side, back seat, allowing our staff to approach your car on the passenger side.
  • A member of our clinical staff will perform any necessary testing in full PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • To ensure best flow and efficiency in our parking lot, any rapid strep and/or rapid flu results will be called to the parent after the drive-up appointment.
  • For your child’s safety, no physical exams are performed in our parking lot.
  • COVID19 PCR tests will be processed by the Greenwich Hospital Lab (just as before).
    • COVID19 results are generally back within 24h-48h.
    • Negative results will be sent to the portal.
    • Positive results will be called to the parent and also sent to the portal.

We continue to see fluctuations in demand for COVID19 testing and will also continue to refer patients as needed to Greenwich Hospital (or Stamford Hospital) for drive up testing. We ask for your understanding as we balance individual patient demands and our staffing day to day, with unknown volatile fluctuations of the pandemic in our community.

In addition:

  • Medical advice and medication refills are provided through telemedicine visits​​.
  • Portal messages will be answered generally within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday.
  • Please call us for urgent matters.
  • Please reserve after hours calls for true emergencies and urgent health matters.
  • As always, please call 911 for a true emergency.

We remain vigilant in ensuring your safety. We remain committed to following recommendations outlined by the CDC, AAP and Yale.

We will continue to make adjustments as the demands of the pandemic continue to change this summer, and into fall and winter. We will keep you informed. All of us at Sound Beach Pediatrics are here to help support your family in the coming months as we face the challenges of the pandemic with you.